Taking Chances

This website has been online and available to the public for some time. While it contains a handful of content, it has never been close to finished considering my scope of work and future ambitions. I appreciate every single person who visits here, as I take art very personally.

I recently had quite an amazing conversation with my father. Trying to explain what he's like would take a lifetime in itself but I'll just shorten it to - he's a hard headed tough guy who never really had the same interests I did, but always supported me. He always tells me how proud he is of me, but it takes him a minute to build up to it - he's just tough like that.

The conversation opened my eyes the widest they've ever been. We were discussing my photography and the things I'm doing with it, as well as what I'd like to do. He looked me in the eyes and his voiced turned very serious. With a stern tone, he barked at me to look around the room I was in. Could have been any room. He asked how many people take chances and dive in. Mistakes or not. Who could say they tried. He admitted some huge mistakes he's made in his careers but never once regretted being able to say he tried.

With moist eyes, my father told me to do what I need to do. Take your chance. Grasp it and make it your own. Have the courage to brave any storm, head up, in stride. My father was recently diagnosed with cancer and although it is considered treatable, his words echo louder as his surgery approaches. Art is my passion, and I will do everything it takes to pursue it. Suffice to say - work has resumed double time and this website is quadrupling in content by week's end.