David Gall is an artist born and raised in the south suburbs of the Chicago-land area, and while being the only visually creative member of his family, he wasn't alone in his fondness of motion pictures as his parents introduced him to a wide variety of films early in his life. Taking note of more than just story and actors, the hobby became a study in production and he took notes on cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, and advertising. These techniques taught him how to properly capture the world around him.

David has always been drawn to storytelling too, both fiction and non-fiction alike. Grounded in a broad appreciation for art, he has 15 years of photography experience and prides himself on composition and the ability to capture the atmosphere of the moment. His love for photographs is surpassed only by his passion for films and film making, both small and large productions. In 2014, he began freelancing as a videographer for Motion Source, the award winning production company in Chicago.

With an increasing demand for his photography, he helped co-found Eighty Five Studios in 2015, a photography company merging professionalism and heavy creativity with an uncompromising attention to quality. As a still frame, or motion picture, David has a strong belief in the power of photography to make a statement, and to tell your story.


Eighty Five Studios is a team of skilled and creative professional photographers co-founded by David Gall and Timothy Manning focusing on Wedding and Event imagery. With lengthy artistic backgrounds, they believe in the power of photography as a statement and as an art form capable of capturing your best memories or promoting your business.

We believe in making professional services personal again by meeting clients before-hand to understand their requests or vision. With an extreme attention to detail, we refuse to settle for anything less than   expert service from planning to   post-production.

Our photojournalism approach catches every moment, big and small alike, in a cinematic and timeless fashion. We take pride in our values and imagination as they help provide you with a great experience and stand-out photographs that people will be talking about.

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